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CeCe Winans
12x Grammy Award Winner & Gospel Legend

I will be able to sing for many more years!

“I am glad I found out about Jacob Burton! He has made a big difference in how I approach my craft. I have been singing for many years and now that I have Jacob coaching me I know I will be able to sing for many more.”
Julia Ross
American Idol Contestant

Makes you feel like family

“Working with Jacob was a complete breath of fresh air. I have been singing professionally in studio and live for about 20 years and have never worked with someone like him! His tips and direction were life changing for me and I would recommend Jacob to anyone and everyone! Also, he’s hilarious and makes you feel like family right off the bat which makes the whole process of being vulnerable with a coach more comfortable. I can’t wait to work with him again.”
Bradley McKee
The Voice Contestant

I am fully healed!

“5 out of 5 stars!! I found Jacob after a good friend recommended him for vocal lessons. I had just been diagnosed with a vocal nodule at the time and was in dire need of careful vocal rehabilitation. I am a professional singer and was understandably scared and worried about the future of my career. Jacob was a constant source of encouragement and challenged me to care for my voice in ways I had not previously been doing. Even after it was decided that surgery was required for total healing, Jacob’s advice and vocal exercises remained and continue to remain a vital part of my daily routine. As of today, I am fully healed!”
YouTube Personality, 16M+ Views

3 lessons I already felt a huge difference

“…My fans would always say I had a great voice suited for ballads, but anytime I would try to sing anything remotely powerful they seemed to find it lacking… Within three lessons I already felt a huge difference. I’ve only been working with Jacob weekly for a couple of months now and singing has gone from feeling difficult and stressful to being fun again. It’s like I’m finding a completely new voice and it’s so much fun to experiment with it and feel like I’m realizing my potential and singing properly.” Continue Reading

What WE specialize in

Expanding the Vocal Range

Many of my clients come to me wanting to improve their singing range. One of my favorite moments as a voice coach is seeing the look on a seasoned singer’s face the first time he or she hits a note they thought was impossible.

Voice Therapy

The road to recovery from severe vocal damage can mean chaos for a singer, but it doesn’t have to take as long as many are told. We have a strong record of aiding professional singers with voice damage in achieving small victories frequently, usually starting right away!

"Mix" Technique

I love love love teaching mix technique, because not only is it 100% teachable, it instantly distinguishes great singers from good singers. Developing this skill will be well worth the effort you put in.

Smoothing Over the Bridge

An important prerequisite to the mix technique, being able to sing smoothly over the bridge of your voice opens all sorts of fun and new doors! I routinely train people to transition over the bridge in a way that is unnoticeable to the untrained ear, which gives the effect of having an even broader vocal range.

Speech Correction

Former training in speech therapy and speech pathology has enabled me to help improve the clarity and articulation in people’s speaking voices. This can include strengthening speech-related muscles and coaching individuals through overcoming a speech disorder or speech impediment.

Performance Delivery

As your performance coach, my number one goal is to help you feel and be confident as a performer. From visual to audible to invisible, it’s my job to equip you, encourage you, and empower you to confidently tell your story engagingly.

About US

My service is all about you! Many vocal coaches will help you sound better in the short term, but encourage habits that have detrimental effects in the long term. I have extensive training with the top vocal coaches, speech pathologist, and myofunctional therapist in the nation and I know exactly how to help you meet your goals. I do this in a way that will make your voice stronger over time and not weaker. I have worked with Grammy winners, TV stars, and many touring artists. You will leave your voice lessons with me as a better…


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